Brixen Dolomiten Marathon 2021

Dear running friends,

on 3 July 2021 the time has come again! The town of Brixen and the municipalities of St. Martin in Thurn and Villnöss are already preparing for the runners.

Due to the Covid-19 regulations, the event will and must be adapted to the current legislative decree.

a) There are participant limits on all routes:

  • Brixen Dolomiten Marathon: 400 participants
  • Relay 2×2: 50 starting places (100 participants)
  • Relay 4×4: 50 starting places (200 participants)
  • LadiniaTrail: 300 participants
  • Dolomites Ultra Run: 100 starting places (200 participants)
  • Dolomites Villnöss Run: 300 participants

b) Each participant must present a negative test. It will be announced if a Covid-19 nostril test is sufficient. In any case, the test result (nostril test, antigen rapid test or PCR test) must be valid on the day of the run and not older than 72 hours and must be submitted in paper form. We will also inform you if we, as the organizing team, will set up a testing station.

c) Mouth/nose protection must be worn in the respective start and finish areas.

d) The start will be in blocks, at the Dolomites Ultra Run each pair will start individually.

e) Due to legal requirements, there will be fewer refreshment stations on the marathon course – these will be communicated.

f) Participants who had a starting place for 2020 will be offered two options:

  • Start on 3 July 2021
  • Start on 2 July 2022

This decision must be made in writing to by 31.05.2021. If no notification reaches us within this period, the right to participate for both dates will expire.