Brixen Dolomiten Marathon
… idea and kick-off for the biggest trail running event

For a long time Christian Jocher had the vision of organizing a run from the Cathedral Square in Brixen/Bressanone to the local mountain, the Plose – but it wasn’t supposed to be a simple mountain run. At best, all participants should be given the unique opportunity to look down from the finish at 2.450 m above sea level to the start, which is 1.890 m below. The time seemed ripe for this innovative project! The Brixen Dolomiten Marathon was launched in 2010 in cooperation with the Brixen Tourist Asssociation, especially with Brigitte Kerschbaumer. Straith away it was possible to take the third place in the election for “Newcomer of the year” by the well-known internet portal “marathon4you”.

It quickly became clear that the enormous amount of work for this event required the help of a sports club. In the early years, the S. G. Eisacktal running club was the co-organizer of this event.

On March 17, 2016, the amateur sports association Brixen Dolomiten Marathon was notarized as a non-profit association with the aim of promoting and practicing running. The amateur sports club is based on the principle of solidarity and pursues exclusively charitable purposes. The founding members include Eva Ellemunter (president), Claudio Zorzi (vice president), Brigitte Kerschbaumer, Margarethe Hinterlechner, Christian Jocher, Armin Kerer, Klaus Balzarek and Karl Hinterlechner.

The anthem
Everyone is a winner, run to the limits

The idea to create a unique and extraordinary melody for this equally unique and extraordinary mountain marathon in order to give a voice to its spirit and emotions goes back to the early editions. Together with Marie and Johannes Mur, Eva Ellemunter and Christian Jocher wanted to find a songwriter who was able turn this melody into a real hymn. Philipp Burger from the band Frei.Wild, who was himself born in Brixen, was enthusiastic about the idea to write text and lyrics for the Brixen Dolomites Marathon. Here the text of the new hymn.

the road is stony
the way won’t be easy
but every destination
will be reached soon or late
watching the sky
no step backwards
all for all
but eventually everyone alone

gelid wind
pain always hurting
and the destination that high
we feel free
step by step
let’s leave
and the run begins
the run begins

Everyone is a winner
there are no losers
soon or late
we meet at destination
Run to the limits

challenged by the wind
hunted by pain
it won’t be easy
but we remain tough
before failing
we stop just one moment
we want to give our best

our pulse, our breath
our fight against the spirit
our weaker self
that rebels and bites
we go on running
we do not stop
at destination the flag will blow for all of us

Everyone is a winner
there are no losers
soon or late
we meet at destination
Run to the limits

Hymn of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon
Text and lyrics: Philipp Burger, singer of Frei.Wild

The organizers
… of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon

The organizing committee currently consists of the following 10 members:

Each OC-member has at least one working group with a total of 30 other members.

… the mountain marathon from Brixen to the Plose

A warm-hearted welcome! I would like to introduce myself: I am the Plose, since 2010 the finish line of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon. I’ve been here for thousands of years, but not always in the shape I look today. Until after the Second World War I had a 2.505 m high peak, called Fröllspitze. In 1955, NATO became aware of my strategic position and decided to cut my summit for a radar station and barracks, lowering the highest point to 2.486 m.

Brixen Dolomiten Marathon
… family connected in spirit

Despite the significant intervention in my original state, I do everything I can to spread a special atmosphere for all runners of this mountain marathon! Essential here is the enjoyable and comprehensive 360° all-round view. The dark slate I am made of characterizes the last section of the track: from the Ochsenalm to the vista point just before the finish line is expressive: arrived here and looking down to Brixen/Bressanone, where you have started, the last 1,5 km are designed as a show run in front of the Unesco World Natural Monument, the Dolomites, which has been protected since 2009.

… you reached the Plose

I am very proud to make my mountain ridge available to so many passionate runners. And I have to admit that after this marathon I saw some visitors again. There are even some people who have already taken on the challenge of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon several times. I am particulary happy when people and I become friends … the mountain marathon is just as special as I am… welcome to the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon!