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Friday, 18.01.2019

In Brixen they have big plans: Dolomites Ultra Trail and LadiniaTrail introduced

Brixen, 17 January 2019 – Finally the secret was revealed: Within the framework of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon 2019, two new tracks are waiting for all running enthusiasts. In addition to the 42 km distance, mountain runners from all over the world can choose between the Dolomites Ultra Trail (81 km/4728 m altitude) and the Ladinia Trail (21 km/1760 m altitude) on Saturday, 6 July 2019, which will be held for the first time on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the renowned South Tyrolean mountain running event. On Thursday, the organisers presented both routes to the public for the first time.

One thing should be said right away: There are two new tracks that will inspire the athletes. First of all the Dolomites Ultra Trail, which is 81 kilometres long, has 4728 metres of ascent and can only be tackled by teams of two. The new (and longest) trail run of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon starts in Brixen at 560 metres above sea level. The route follows forest, meadow and forest paths via Afers (10 km) to Russikreuz (20 km). The route continues on hiking trails to the Schlütterhütte (28 km), high alpine climbs to the Puezhütte (39 km) and again on hiking trails down to Campill (47 km). Here it goes up again on beautiful paths to the Fornella hut (57 km), then on to the Rossalm to Kreuztal (71 km). The final descent leads on hiking trails directly to the starting point in Brixen (81 km).

Much shorter is the LadiniaTrail, which starts in St. Martin in Thurn at 1,127 m above sea level. In this 21 km run, the route leads along forest paths to the Gömmajoch (5.4 km) and on to the Fornellahütte (9 km). From there it goes on to the Tauberhütte (16.7 km) up to the Rossalm (20 km). The final ascent to Plose (21 km) leads on an alpine path. “With these two runs we offer all interested runners a very broad spectrum. There is something for everyone. What they all have in common is the fantastic panorama and the fact that they are running in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site,” said OC President Claudio Zorzi and OC Head Christian Jocher in unison during the presentation.

Dolomites Ultra Trail

Registrations are in full swing

The rush to the traditional running event in the cathedral city is very large before the tenth anniversary in July 2019. The Brixen Dolomiten Marathon has already attracted 320 individual runners, which corresponds to a growth rate of 55 percent. The relays have also increased by 18 percent compared to the same period last year. Thanks to the new offer, the number of entries will certainly be boosted further in the coming weeks, although the starting field for the Dolomites Ultra Trail has been limited to 150 pairs, i.e. 300 starters.

presse-dolomites-ultra-trailPoliticians in Brixen are also very supportive. OC President Zorzi and OC boss Jocher presented the two new routes not only to the journalists present, but also to the political representatives of the cathedral city. Mayor Peter Brunner, city councillors Paula Bacher, Andreas Jungmann, Thomas Schraffl and Josef Unterrainer, as well as Markus Knapp (chairman of the HGV Brixen) and the mayor of St. Martin in Thurn, Giorgio Costabiei, took part in the presentation.

Costabiei confirmed that the interest in the LadiniaTrail in the town was very high and that all clubs would stand behind the event. Already now about 50 volunteers have applied for help. Markus Knapp praised the organisers as saying that the Brixen Dolomites Marathon is a lasting story because the guests will not only come to Brixen themselves during the race, but will also book holiday packages at other times

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Surprise for the relays
29. June 2018

The first relay 4x4 in each category (Women/Men/Mixed) will get a surprise sponsored by New Balance. The first relax 2x2 will get this price from North Face.
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Brixen Dolomiten Marathon – Program
26. June 2018

Friday, 06.07.2018 16.00– 18.00 Child play and Comedicus at dome square 17.00 Childrens Run – 2 rounds around the dome of Brixen 17.30 Presentation of Giorgio Calcaterras book "Running is my life" and autographs 18.00 Rolli Run –  Wheelchair and handbikers race 19.00 Start ...
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Personal start number
11. June 2018

All registrations until the 20th June 2018 will get a personal start number.
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Finisher Medal 2018
21. May 2018

Today we will present you the finisher medal 2018. At the front you see the Logo of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon, at the rear you see the date of the event and our slogan: „Running to the limits“. Do you like it? Leave your comment! GuestBook
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