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Wednesday, 26.07.2017

Finisher Shirt on tour contest

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Saturday, 1.07.2017

Results 2017


The Brixen Dolomites Marathon: Tariq Bamaarouf is the winner of the run, just before Georg Piazza and Hannes Rungger | Edeltraud Thaler reaches her 6th victory of the marathon

Mr. Tariq Bamaarouf wins the 8th Brixen Dolomites Marathon reaching the finish line after a respective running time of 3:39:21. The marrocan runner arrives to the top of the Plose mountain just 40 seconds before Mr. Georg Piazza (3:40:02) from val Gardena. It was his first mountain marathon in his whole carrier.
Third reaching the finish is Mr. Hannes Rungger from val Sarentino with a time of (3:43:01), he was also the winner of the marathon of last year 2016.
Fourth and fifth position achieved Mr. Thomas Niederegger of the running team Val Venosta and Mr. Helmuth Mair of the teo S.G. Eisacktal Raiffeisen.
Edeltraud Thaler is the name of the winner of the women marathon. She gained her sixth victory of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon with an excellent time of 4:26:50.
Mrs. Simonetta Menestrina coming from Trento and winner of last year 2016, finishes thr run as second woman in 4:28:29 and Mrs. Doris Weissensteiner becomes third (4:42:30) just before Mrs. Renate Pramsohler (4:51:30). Both of them are members of the running team S.G. Eisacktal Raiffeisen.

At the Brixen Dolomites Marathon this Saturday on 1st of July 2017, there were participating 550 single and scale runners. 42 of them ran the 4×4 scale marathon and other 26 ran the 2×2 scale run.
Mr. Tariq Bamaarouf is very happy about his victory and says: ‚ÄěI’m very satisfied about my run, because normally I only run on flat groundings and my decision to participate at the Brixen Dolomites Marathon run came very late. The last two ascents at the end of the run were the most difficult ones for me. To overcome these parts of the route I had to really fight with myself and my forces.
Mr. Hannes Rungger, winner of last year wanted to achieve his third victory of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon, but unfortunatelly he didn’t manage it.
The runner of the southtyrolean valley val Sarentino explains his run very sportsmanlike: Unfortunatelly i was not in my best conditions today. I’m a bit disappointed about my run also because the Brixen Dolomites Marathon is one of my favorites ones.


The fastest woman Mrs. Edeltraud Thaler gained her 6th victory running from Brcxen town up to the top of the Plose: I’m just really happy that i have been the first one running through the finish line. I wasn’t sure if I was already ready for the run after the Marathon I participated two weeks ago.

The best scale runner team this year is the team ‚ÄěLeitw√∂lfe‚Äú with Markus Ploner, Fabian Graber, Roberto De Simone und Stefan Keim. They finished with a time of 3:33:21 just before the team ‚ÄěS.G. Youngstars‚Äú and ‚ÄěBrimi-Mozzarella & more‚Äú.

The winning team of the category 2×2 scale run is called ‚ÄěFeuertruppe‚Äú arriving to the final in 4:03:01. The runners names are Mr. Reinhard Steger und Mr. Alfred Brugger. The teams ‚ÄěThe Zweets‚Äúand the team ‚ÄěToro Merelli‚Äú reached the second and third position.

Sunday, 25.06.2017

Last information about the race



Categories: Marathon: W/M 18, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70-79.The first three of each category will be awarded. There are not 5 participants for a category, the categories will be put together.
Relay 4√ó4 and relay 2×2: women ‚Äď men ‚Äď mixed (the first three of each category will be awarded)

Chip/transponder: The lending fee for the time measuring chip (transponder) is included in the registration fee. For chips that are getting lost or not handed back the athlete will be charged 20,00‚ā¨.
- Single athletes: the chip is located at the back of the starting number. At the arrival the chip will be given back and the athlete gets the medal and the finisher shirt.
- Relay team: the chip can be carried on the arm or the leg, it will be handed over at the changeovers. The final athlete delivers the chip at the arrival.

Clothing delivery: Clothing delivery will take place at the starting line on Saturday, July 1st from 6.30 to 7.15 am at the Cathedral Square. Please mark your clothes with the coupon included at the starting number.

Distribution of starting number and welcome bag: The Welcome Bag will be handed out together with the starting number on Friday, June 30th from 1 pm until 7pm at the Cathedral Square. On Saturday, July 1st the welcome bags with starting number will be handed out from 6 am to 7 am at the Cathedral Square. Relay: the 2 or 4 relay bags will be given out only at once. Moreover these athletes get the function shirt.

Finish line: The individual marathon runners and the relay runners have separate arrival areas where they will get food and their clothing. Once you leave the arrival area you are not allowed to get back in.

Flowerceremony: For the 10 best male runners and the 5 best female runners there will be a flower ceremony on Saturday, July 1st at 1.00 pm at the finish line.

Massage: Saturday, July 1st in the arrival area at the Plose hut starting from 11.30 am.

Money prizes:
Single man: 1. ‚ā¨ 1.000, 2. ‚ā¨ 600, 3. ‚ā¨ 500, 4. ‚ā¨ 300, 5. ‚ā¨ 200, 6. ‚ā¨ 100, 7. ‚ā¨ 100, 8. ‚ā¨ 100, 9. ‚ā¨ 50, 10. ‚ā¨ 50;
Single woman: 1. ‚ā¨ 1.000, 2. ‚ā¨ 600, 3. ‚ā¨ 500, 4. ‚ā¨ 100, 5. ‚ā¨ 100;
Mountain Price Rossalm: mountain price at the Rossalm hut: 350 ‚ā¨ to the first man and the first woman who reach the Rossalm hut, only if they reach the final line within the time-limit of 8 hours.

Parking: Possibility to park the car in the parking garage in Dante Street. All the athletes can buy a special parking ticket at the Cathedral Square for ‚ā¨ 5,00. The ticket is valid 24 hours (one exit).

Pasta Party: Saturday, July 1st from 12 am in the arrival area at the Plose. All athletes get a pasta-bon on the starting number.

Prize giving ceremony: The prize giving ceremony takes place at the arrival area at the Plose at 3.00 pm.

Race stop: in case of thunderstorms, dense fog, hail, landslides, abrupt fall in temperature. Athletes have to follow the instructions of the staff.

Relay: If one runner is not starting, the team will be disqualified.

Runner‚Äôs Party: Friday, June 30th¬†from 1 to 8 pm at the Cathedral Square ‚Äď on payment.

Services: Finishershirt (Marathon), Functional Shirt (Relay), Medal, Certificate (online), Welcome Bag, Timing Chip, Clothes transport to the finish area destination (changing areas for the relay), catering along the route: bananas, apples, biscuits, gel (from 19.2 km), beverages, tea, cucumbers, melons, dry fruits, refreshment showers and massages at the finish, Bus to/from changing areas, return by the cablecar from Kreuztal/Valcroce to S. Andrea/St. Andr√§ (the start number is valid as ticket for the cable car) and the shuttle from St. Andr√§/S. Andrea to Brixen/Bressanone (bus station) on indicated times with the athletes’ bus.

Showering: Showering is possible at the Plose hut in the arrival area.

Start at the Cathedral Square:
7.30 am for the individual marathon runners (blue starting numbers)
8.00 am for the relay runners (4×4: orange starting numbers ‚Äď 2×2: green starting numbers)

Transportation for athletes from the finish line: From¬†the¬†finish¬†line¬†at¬†the¬†Plose¬†by¬†bus¬†(on¬†payment:¬†‚ā¨¬†3,00¬†one¬†way)¬†to¬†Kreuztal/Valcroce¬†and¬†by¬†cableway¬†to¬†St. Andr√§/S.Andrea which runs until 7.30 pm, then by free shuttle to Brixen at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 pm. Other possibilities to return to Brixen by public transport (line 321): every hour between 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm (on payment, ca. ‚ā¨ 1,50).

Transportation for relay runners: A shuttle service will transport all the relay runners at the various changing points. Start in Viale Ratisbona:
7.45¬†am:¬†Shuttle¬†to¬†St.¬†Andr√§/S.Andrea¬†for¬†runner¬†4¬†(4×4)¬†and¬†further¬†to¬†Afers¬†(2nd¬†change)¬†for¬†runner¬†3¬†(4×4)¬†and 1st¬†change¬†for¬†runner¬†1¬†(2×2)
8.00¬†am:¬†Shuttle¬†to¬†St.¬†Andr√§/S.Andrea¬†for¬†runner¬†4¬†(4×4)¬†and¬†further¬†to¬†Afers¬†(2nd¬†change)¬†for¬†runner¬†3¬†(4×4)¬†and 1st¬†change¬†for¬†runner¬†1¬†(2×2)
From the 2nd change at Afers/Eores to St. Andrä/S.Andrea there is a shuttle at 11am and 12pm.
From¬†the¬†3rd¬†change¬†at¬†Kreuztal/Valcroce¬†there¬†is¬†a¬†shuttle¬†to¬†the¬†finish¬†area¬†at¬†9.30,¬†10.30.¬†11.30,¬†12.30¬†am¬†and 1.30, 2.30 pm. (on payment: ‚ā¨ 3,00 one way)

Transport for family members/spectators: There are bus connections (bus station in the city, line 321) to the gondola in St. Andr√§ (on payment: ca. ‚ā¨ 1,50) every hour starting from 8.13 am, then you take the gondola up to Kreuztal/Valcroce (on payment: ‚ā¨ 11,00 one way, ‚ā¨ 15,00 roundtrip), on the top of the gondola there is a bus (on payment: ‚ā¨ 3,00 one way) to the arrival area and return.

Time limit: 8 hours. If an athlete does not reach Kreuztal/Valcroce within 1.30 pm, he will be disqualified and the chip will be taken by the final runner. The athlete has to give back the starting number and can finish the race on his own responsibility.