Brixen Dolomites Marathon Set for July 7

At today’s press conference, the organizing committee of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon announced the details.  This year, the unique run will take place on July 7.  It will take runners from all over the world, starting from the square in front of the cathedral, for a total of 42.195 km (26 miles 385 yards) with an elevation change of 2,450 meters (8,040 feet) over meadows, fields, through the woods and Alpine terrain all the way to the finish line on the Plose.  It will be unique due to the panorama as well as the perfect organization.

Claudio Zorzi, president of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon, is already pleased about the participation from nearly twenty countries, including China, Norway, and the USA.  Even now, two and a half months before the starting signal, nearly 350 athletes have already decided to take up the challenge.  Zorzi desires two things above all else for the big day: nice weather and a safe event.

That is also the wish of Alexander Hofer, head of marketing and innovation for the OK Team.  He explains, “We have a lot of ‘repeat offenders’, that is, athletes who keep coming back every year.  That provides confirmation to our efforts at always keeping the main focus on the athletes.  We have a finisher rate of 98%.  That fills us with pride.  Every year, the participants once again attest to our good care and the uniqueness of the run, from the starting line to the peak.”


Christian Jocher is the technical director and the “father” of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon.  Along with his wife Eva Ellemunter, he has helped the event to grow over recent years.  “The Brixen Dolomites Marathon is a challenge for everyone,” he recounts.  “Since we have a good mix of streets, forest roads, and Alpine paths, every athlete really gets a lot out of it.  We also have a lot of cross-entrants from other sports, such as triathletes, mountain bikers, and ski tourers.  Anyone with a good dose of basic condition will enjoy this run.”  But what Jocher is most pleased about is that in recent years, a whole new culture of running has arisen around Brixen.  More and more people are getting enthusiastic about this sport.

But without the volunteers, the Brixen Dolomites Marathon would not even leave the starting line.  Nearly four hundred volunteers are at work with the preparations, the run itself, and the clean-up afterwards.  Christoph Hofer is in charge of them and is happy to be so.  “It’s not just the many clubs and associations, without which this endeavor would be completely unmanageable.  There are also more and more private individuals who enjoy the event and want to be a part of it, and because of that, they support us by volunteering their time.”  The volunteers put so much commitment into it that a little bit of competition has even arisen among the eighteen aid stations along the route as to who can take the best care of the athletes.

The city commissioner for sports, Andreas Jungmann, is happy to have an event with such an international character in Brixen and to be able to support it every year.  “The Brixen Dolomites Marathon carries the name of Brixen far beyond our borders and shows our best side.”

When participants from all over the world start out on July 7 from the cathedral square to the sound of the marathon hymn that was especially composed by Philipp Burger,  then the wish from all involved will be for nice weather and a safe event, especially for the youngest and oldest runners, who are twenty-one and eighty years young.  Have a great run!