Brixen Dolomites Marathon: the winners are Matteo Lucchese and Michelle Maier

Results 2018


Hannes Rungger second and Edeltraud Thaler third

The Italian champion in 100km Matteo Lucchese won the marathon run 2018 with a finishing time of 3:39.15. Very happy he reached the finish line on the top of the Plose mountain just 3 minutes and 38 seconds before Hannes Rungger (3:42.54) from Sarntal, South Tyrol. He is saying: “This was the most beautiful run of my life”. Francesco Trentin from Trentino finished the run in 3:48.19 just before Helmuth Maier of the team SG Eisacktal Raiffeisen and Marco Pozza of the Athletic Club 96 Alperia. Mrs. Michelle Maier from Germany finished the marathon with an amazing finishing time of 4:01.08. For the first time she won this unique mountain marathon and she also set a new track record. Second fastest woman was Simoneta Menestrina from Trento with a time of 4:29.52. She was the winning woman in 2016. Serial winner Mrs. Edeltraud Thaler finished the run in 4:30.40. In all Mrs. Maier ran 28 minutes and 42 seconds faster than Mrs. Menestrina and Mrs. Thaler and becomes fifth in the total evaluation. It was a very exciting run; the best male runners were competing for the leadership all the time along the road and the greatest competition in the women’s run was between Menestrina and Thaler.

In total there were 520 single runners and scale runners participating on the 9th edition of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon this Saturday the 7th of July 2018. 144 of those scale runners were signed in for the category 4×4 and 50 athletes for the category 2×2 scales run.

Matteo Lucchese was really excited about his victory and comments:” It was my most important run of this year and it was wonderful. This marathon was the most beautiful one in my life. Such a unique panorama, such a perfect run. Many thanks to the organization”. Hannes Rungger tried to achieve his third victory, but unfortunately he failed this year. Anyway the athlete takes it easy and says: Too bad I was not in my best form today, also because the Brixen Dolomites Marathon is one of my favorite runs. Sadly I tried to catch up when it was already too late.”


The fastest women Mrs. Michelle Maier won for the first time on the Plose Mountain: “It was amazing. I was enjoying the run all the time. Many years I wanted to be part of this magnificent run, now I managed to be here. It’s something very special to run this beautiful marathon and to finish it as fastest woman with a new track record.

Fastest scale run in the category 4×4 this year was “Plose Express” with a finishing time of 3:34.27 with Daniel Hofer, Alex Holtz, Francesco Milella and Gianmarco Bazzoni. They sent the teams “Leitwölfe” and “Team Hofer Fliesen+ Böden” to the second and third positions. Winning team in the category scale run 2×2 was “Team Turbowadl” with the athletes Martin Griesser und Christian Moser. They finished the marathon in 3:39.34 followed by the team “Nobody is Perfect” and the team “Hotel Cendevaves”

The oldest athlete was Mr. Karl Ernst Rösner. He is 80 years old and this year he ran his 508th run. This one was also his last one in Brixen. Tecnical leader Mr. Christian Jocher congratulated him already on Friday evening with a present.

Mr. Giorgio Calcaterra, multiple champion of the Ultramarathon was not in the best form this year and arrived on the 20th position. Nevertheless he praised the Brixen Dolomites Marathon:”It’s very beautiful here, the panorama, the flowers, and the forest. It was a very lovely run.”