New registration record for the Brixen Dolomites Marathon makes upper limit necessary

Brixen, 9th May 2019 – What has been emerging for weeks has been official for a few days now: The 10th edition of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon on Saturday, July 6th will feature more runners than ever before. 713 athletes from 29 different nations have registered either for the classic marathon distance with 2450 meters of altitude difference, the Dolomites Ultra Trail (81 km/4728 meters of altitude difference) or the Ladinia Trail (28 km/1852 meters of altitude difference) in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage.

The anticipation of the jubilee edition of the mountain marathon in the cathedral city is not only huge among the organizers. Obviously, the renowned running event in Brixen is also very hip for athletes from all over the world. With 467 registered individual runners for the marathon distance, the participant record from 2016 was already surpassed two months before the starting signal.

“We are overwhelmed by the tremendous response to our race this year. A big compliment goes therefore to the entire organization team, which does an outstanding job. In order to offer the hundreds of participants the quality they are used to, we have decided to introduce an upper limit. As far as the marathon is concerned, we accept a maximum of 600 individual runners, as well as 60 relay teams of two and four, respectively”, explains OC Chief Christian Jocher.


Dolomites Ultra Trail and LadiniaTrail having also good registrations numbers

The two runs newly introduced this year, the 81-kilometre Dolomites Ultra Trail - which has to be completed in teams of two – and the much shorter LadiniaTrail (28 km) are also very well received. “A good third of the available starting places have been allocated here today. We accept a maximum of 150 teams for the Dolomites Ultra Trail, the starting field for the Ladinia Trail is limited to 150 individual runners”, continues Jocher.

There is also a new record for the number of participating nations. There are currently 29 different countries. Italy (310), Germany (241) and Switzerland (51) are currently the most strongly represented countries. “But also countries like the USA with 18, England with 12 and the Czech Republic with 21 participants surprise with a relatively high number of registrations. We are particularly proud that trail runners from New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Armenia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Thailand will be competing in Brixen for the first time. This more than lives up to our reputation as an international event. We are already looking forward to the many different cultures and languages,” explains OC President Claudio Zorzi.

58 days before the starting signal for the Brixen Dolomites Marathon, the Dolomites Ultra Trail and the LadiniaTrail, there is a great demand for a start ticket for the 2019 edition. Registrations can be made on the official website of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon until the start quotas have been met.