Marathon of the year 2018

marathon-des-jahres-2018More than 15,000 participants from 19 countries voted in the “Marathon of the Year 2018″ survey, which is conducted annually by the German online magazine, and our results are impressive:
We finished on 17th place overall and are sensationally third among the mountain marathons, after the unattainable Jungfrau Marathon and the Allgäu Panorama Marathon.

Thank you for your votes and we hope to see you again on July 6, 2019 for our 10th edition!

Here are the rankings, based on the first 20 places for the absolute and the first 10 places for mountain marathons:

General ranking:

  1. Rennsteiglauf
  2. Frankfurt Marathon
  3. Jungfrau-Marathon
  4. Köln Marathon
  5. Berlin-Marathon
  6. Hannover Marathon
  7. SwissCityMarathon Lucerne
  8. Hamburg Marathon
  9. Münster-Marathon
  10. Linz Donau Marathon
  11. Luxemburg Night Marathon
  12. Allgäu Panorama Marathon
  13. Monschau-Marathon
  14. Bottwartal-Marathon
  15. Kassel Marathon
  16. Einstein-Marathon
  17. Brixen Dolomiten Marathon
  18. Salzburg Marathon
  19. Baden-Marathon
  20. Gornergrat Zermatt-Marathon

Mountain Marathons ranking

  1. Jungfrau Marathon
  2. Allgäu Panorama Marathon
  3. Brixen Dolomiten Marathon
  4. Zermatt-Marathon
  5. Swissalpine Irontrail
  6. Stelvio Marathon
  7. Eiger Ultra Trail
  8. Alpin Marathon Liechtenstein
  9. Sky Marathon Rosengarten Schlern
  10. Karwendelmarsch