Brixen Dolomites Marathon: more than 500 participants expected this year!

The Brixen Dolomites Marathon is one of the finest running events in South Tyrol and beyond. 2,450 metres difference in altitude and a total distance of 42.195 kilometres are a true challenge, which is rewarded by a uniquely beautiful mountain panorama. This year, the Brixen Dolomites Marathon is going to take place on July 2nd. The race starts at the “Domplatz” – the cathedral square – in Brixen and finishes on the “Plose”, Brixen’s local trademark mountain. The course is very popular amongst runners, as there, after just 6 years, will already participate hundreds of athletes from more than 20 nations in this truly unique mountain run.

This circumstance makes the head of the OK-team, Eva Ellemunter, happy: “We already have more than 340 registrations – this year we want to break the 500-participants-mark for the first time.”

At the press conference last Friday, Ellemunter and the OK-team presented the novelties of this year’s edition of the event.

A unique piece of art is also the second edition of the finisher-medal made by artist Peter Senoner from Brixen. This year, a mustang will embody endurance and strength.

The project around the medal is set to run for three years, a timespan that should also stand for the athletes’ progress. Peter Senoner describes the meaning behind his motives for the medals as follows: “Move like a cat, run like a horse, race like a wolf…flow.” He tried to illustrate what happens to a runner during such a race. In a marathon – especially in one with such a big difference in altitude – the athlete unleashes unforeseen powers, he discovers his power animal inside. This transformation is depicted on the medal. This year, again, the ribbon of the medal is going to be special. It is made of parts of a climbing rope from the two extreme climbers Martin and Florian Riegler. The rope inherits a special history: in 2008, the two brothers started an expedition in Pakistan but had to give up on it. They left the rope there. In 2012, they returned to Pakistan and successfully reached the goal of their expedition, using the exact rope they had left behind years earlier. Usually climbers leave behind their ropes in such cases, but this rope was taken back home because of its special history. And now it is going return to action once more at the 7th Brixen Dolomites Marathon. The medal itself is made by the two local companies WF Mechanik and WEICO Maschinen- und Metallbau.

Another novelty this year is going to be a separate category for the relay of the “Rettungsdienst” (rescue service). Besides that there is the 2×2 relay, in which the first team member has to run the first 19 km of the race and the second athlete has to finish the remaining 23.195 km of the marathon distance. Christian Jocher, who himself is a passionate marathon runner, is happy about this newly introduced option: “We correspond to the wishes of some athletes and guests who thus have the chance to take part in this unique running event without having to go the full marathon distance.”

One day prior to racing day there are already going to be several activities and smaller events as a supporting programme to the main race. On the cathedral square, the local team of the ASV Brixen Dolomites Marathon will await their colleagues from Heidenheim, who plan to run all the 375 kilometres from their hometown to Brixen in seven days. The eight ultra-runners want to collect money for children with cancer on their journey. Their efforts are also supported by the municipality of Brixen. The group further plans to do the marathon on Saturday.

In remembrance of Paul Oberhofer there is also going to be a race for disabled people. The race for handbikers leads through the city centre of Brixen and should remind people of the great efforts that disabled people make on a daily basis.

The highlight of the evening will certainly again be the “women’s run“. More than 600 women are expected to participate in this run that goes over a distance of 4.21 km. All female runners will run for a good cause. It is always a very emotional event that elates the participants as well as the spectator time and again. Previous to the women’s run, and for the second time, there is also going to be the “childrens’ run”, which will take place in cooperation with Medicus Comicus.

Mayor Peter Brunner thanked Eva Ellemunter and her team for their invaluable commitment. Nothing other than this marathon run, which is going to take place in its seventh edition on July 2nd­, would better embody the dual experience of Brixen and the Plose, the city and its local mountain.

To organise and run this great running event in Brixen, more than 400 volunteers are going to work on the event days, not to speak of the OK-team of the ASV Brixen Dolomites Marathon who put their efforts into this event all year-round.