Brixen Dolomites Marathon: when the runner turns into an animal

Finisher MedailleA mountain marathon represents a particular challenge for every runner, who thereby has to push his or her limits. Similar to a feline predator, the participants fight their way up the Plose, Brixen’s landmark mountain. By doing so, formerly unknown instincts and animalistic movement patterns become perceptible. The artistic design of the finisher-medal sets in at this point – created by the internationally active artist Peter Senoner. Each edition (2015/2016/2017) has its own animal that becomes the inner companion of the athlete. Big cat, horse and wolf stand as symbols for a lithe, powerful and target-oriented sequence of movements. In 2015, the leopard accompanies the runner as power animal on his way to the finish and symbolises the athlete’s inner state of being. The boundaries between reality, fantasy and evolution begin to blur. Eva Ellenmunter, head of the OK-team, is proud of the medal: “This idea has been growing for quite a while now; I particularly like that the medal is going through its own three-year evolution, just as our marathon and the participating runners themselves are constantly evolving. They steadily grow with each challenge.”


K33 – 33 kilometres with panoramic views

For the first time, runners get the opportunity to participate in the K33. This run is 33.7 kilometres long. It also starts at the cathedral square in Brixen but the finish is in Kreuztal, so there are 1940 metres in altitude that have to be conquered. This is an extraordinary opportunity for all the athletes who want try out a shorter distance run before doing a full mountain marathon, but nevertheless want to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views. A unique possibility – for even more athletes – to participate in this great mountain run.

For all the others who run at the 6th Brixen Dolomites Marathon on June 27th, there are 2.340 metres in altitude and 42.195 kilometres that have to be conquered. Numerous runners from more than 20 countries fight their way through the episcopal city up to the finish at the Plose every year. This year they will be rewarded with the finisher-medal “move like a cat, run like a horse, race like a wolf…flow“ and, as usual, with the specially designed finisher shirt.

You can find all the necessary information about the registration, the route profile, the rules and the price money online, at