Group registration for sports clubs

New at the Brixen Dolomites Marathon: group registration for sports clubs

This year, for the first time, and to additionally support the common sportsmanship that exists within sports clubs, there is the possibility for sports club members to register in groups for the Brixen Dolomites Marathon on June 27. Importantly, you have to be at least five or more members of a sports club to be able to enrol in our group registration. Thereby it is up to the individual athletes to either run the full Brixen Dolomites Marathon or the new K33 race with its finish in Kreuztal.

The deadline for all group registrations is May 31. Group registrations profit from the reduced registration fees, which are only 60,00 € for the Brixen Dolomites Marathon and 50,00 € for the K33. Group registrations are only possible via fax, and the collective registration fee has to be paid all at once and has to be attached to the application. The online form for the group registration is downloadable from our website.

Group registration for sports clubs

The promotion team again anticipates an interesting and well-staffed starting field for this unique panoramic run from the cathedral square of the episcopal city up to the Plose.

2.340 metres in altitude and 42.195 kilometres are a real challenge, even for the best prepared top athletes. Therefore, for the first time, there will be the possibility to run the K33 instead of the full marathon distance. Here, athletes have to conquer 1890 metres in altitude over a distance of 33.7 kilometres. The finish is in Kreuztal.

The Brixen Dolomites Marathon is not only unique for the participating athletes but also for the spectators, who as well get their money’s worth at this event. Here, everyone can experience first-hand peak performances and the thrill of competition. The best athletes cover the marathon distance with its more than 2.000 metres in altitude in not much more than three hours.