Brixen and the Plose …

each for its own an experience and both together unbeatable, really a “double challenge”

brixen-ploseAs the slogan says, Brixen Plose is a double experience. Athletes are impressed both by the fascinating historic city Brixen and the adventure on the mountain in the hearth of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage since 2009. The first part of this double experience is the starting shot on the central square of Brixen, 560 m to sea level, probably the most central marathon start ever. The second part are the 42, 195 kilometres of the race and the arrival, 2.450 m to sea level. You can do nothing but accept this double adventure and live it till the end.

At the end of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon you will be in a magic atmosphere. All finisher feel special emotions… joviality, joy, exaltation. The particular landscape is a challenge for your body and a fascination for your soul.