Finisher T-shirt


This year the color of the high quality shirt is red.

Mirko Sparber and Philipp Falk from dv-media in Vahrn/Varna have developed the top-quality finisher t-shirt. According to the designer slogan that image is the most important element, they wanted to create a flashy shirt that should be an advertising medium of the event as a whole. Finishers should be proud of their performance and joyfully wear the shirt.

It is based on traditional graphic elements and information, combined with the arcs of Brixen. For the next years this design will not change, simply colors will be different. They developed a good long-term design: recognizable and representative of the event.

plose-wasserThanks to Plose Quelle AG for the support.


Finisher T-shirt 2017

Finisher T-shirt 2016

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Finisher T-shirt 2015

Finisher T-shirt 2014

finisher-t_shirt-2015 Finisher T-shirt