The finisher-medal 2015

The finisher-medal


Move like a Cat

Run like a Horse

Race like a Wolf…floW

The finisher-medal of the 6th Brixen Dolomites Marathon as an object of artistic design?

Unknown territory and a challenge for which the internationally active artist Peter Senoner – a passionate runner himself – could be won. He designed the medal, lent it its special character and thereby brought the very spirit of the materials used to life.

A mountain marathon becomes – sooner or later – for everyone a journey into the inner self. In what is called the ‘flow’, the runner merges with the surrounding nature, and formerly unknown instincts and animalistic movement patterns become perceptible.

The artistic design sets in at this point:

Each edition (2015/2016/2017) has its own animal that becomes the inner companion of the athlete. Big cat, horse and wolf stand as symbols for a lithe, powerful and target-oriented sequence of movements. In 2015, the leopard accompanies the runner on his way to the finish and symbolises, as this year’s power animal, the athlete’s inner state of being. The boundaries between reality, fantasy and evolution begin to blur.

The image – a drawing engraved on burnished precious metal – merges with the own reflection in the mirror. An observation is only possible in the sweat of your brow.
The design was consequently thought through, right to the medal’s ribbon: In the sense of the new trend ‘upcycling’, the shoe laces of worn-out running shoes are reused and thereby add their own, individual stories to every single medal.

Two businesses seated in the Eisacktal, WF Mechanik and WEICO, could be won to realize this project. The company WF Mechanik in Vahrn, with its head Alexander Weissteiner, provided the materials, and the team around Christof Weissteiner, head of WEICO in Feldthurns, was responsible for the laser engraving of the original drawing. To further highlight the individual character of each medal, every single one of them got consecutively numbered.


Balanced between high-end design and recycling, this will be the first medal created in the spirit of sustainability that truly shows the many training kilometres of its bearer.

Technical details:

Material: Precious metal, burnished and satinised
Drawing: double-sided laser engraving
Measurements: 120x80x5 mm
Weight: 395 gr
Ribbon: recycled lace of a worn-out running shoe
Edition:500 pieces, consecutively numbered